Withdraw Bitcoin

There are several options how you can get Bitcoin to cash. You can apply for Bitplastic debit card or order Virtual Anonymous Card to spend Bitcoin online.

Set up is very easy, fast and user-friendly, you always have account manager available.

There are some costs associated with getting Bitcoin into cash with Debit Card.


  • high privacy
  • high speed
  • comfortable


  • costs

Spend Bitcoin – With Virtual card

When you google virtual debit cards there are many results offering $100 card for $95 or less. Are those firms legit? Abolutely not, even offers $100 cards for $100 look suspicious and probably in return to your payment you don´t get anything. There is a lot of scammy websites.

Virtual debit cards are anonymous and it sometimes attracts bad actors. Their behavior results in chargebacks. The higher chargeback risk the higher costs for virtual card provider. To be honest, fair offers start at $120 for $100 virtual card.

If you need high privacy you can spend your Bitcoins for Virtual Visa Card, no verification required, no questions asked.

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Custom solution – offshore debit card

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Be cautious – Scam Websites

  • https://expresscards.net
  • https://www.getvirtualcard.com/product/virtual-prepaid-card/
  • https://www.coinsbee.com/en/visa-mastercard-bitcoin


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