If you need to transfer medium to large sums offshore solution is the best for you. Sky-high limits, low upload money fees with top privacy.

Maybe you wonder why you should set up company in an offshore jurisdiction, isn´t that too much for me?

In fact you do not have to care about accounting in many countries. The only cost is company foundation and you can liquidate it anytime later. It is not expensive. Offshore Bitplastic Gold Card is only $500.

It does not make sense spending much money on founding offshore company just to pay anonymously for your dating app membership or if you are going to withdraw $1000 only one-time.  For small purchases you can apply for Bitplastic Debit Card (if available) or simply buy Virtual Bitcoin Debit Card and spend BTC.

If you are going to withdraw at least $1000-$2000 every month with Offshore debit card it is better choice since you save more on fees. Gold card is NOT convenient only for high net worth individuals, with Bitplastic today it´s for everyone.

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