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Frequently Asked Questions

For Answers to Questions Not Covered Here, Email [email protected]


How Do I Sign Up?

Click on Join Free

Can Anyone Sign Up?


What If I'm Under 18?

Age is just a number. Yes, you can still get a debit card.

I Lost My Password or Username. What Can I Do?

Contact [email protected]

Where Are These Cards Issued From?

That's top secret. You'll find out when you order one. Hint: Europe.

What If I Lose My Debit Card Pin?

Houston, we have a problem! Nothing we can do for you, so don't lose it.

Is Your Website TOR Compatible?


Do You Store Traffic Logs?


Is the Bitcoin Shopping Cart Easy to Set Up?

Extremely easy and intuitive. You just add a payment button to your website. Your customers can even pay you directly in BitPlastic if you don't have a shopping cart.

Do You Retain Customer Data?

Only what we need to keep track of your account balance. We retain anything you put on your signup form, so feel free to use a fake name and tormail email.



Can I Withdraw Cash from My Bitcoin Wallet?


Does It Work for All Countries Anywhere In The World?

Yes. All countries permitted, including India, Pakistan, China, Iran, North Korea and Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost?

Debit cards cost .25 btc for card issuance.

What Are The Usage Fees?

5% conversion fee from Bitcoin to send cash to your card. ATM usage fee is minimal, about $1.50 per transaction. No other fees.

When Will I Receive My Bitcoin Debit Card?

Depends where you live. Cards typically arrive in 2-3 weeks. Online banking for the card is provided sooner.

How Much Cash Can I Withdraw Daily?

You can withdraw up to $200 USD daily. If you need to withdraw more than that, you can order multiple cards.

Are the Debit Cards Anonymous?

Yes. There is no credit check, no paperwork, no application process, and no verification info required!

Can I Use The Bitcoin Visa Online?

Yes. However, some websites might decline it because of name verification issues.

Can I Use The Bitcoin Visa At Point-of-Sale Terminals to Buy Stuff In Person?

Absolutely. However, some merchants may choose to not accept anonymous cards in person.

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