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Our Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitplastic Debit Cards

We provide high limit anonymous debit cards, see homepage. These cards are very cheap and we have only limited stock. You can apply and you will see if we have any avaiable. We are working on better solution to serve all applicants.

Virtual Debit Cards

These cards are currently available. You can order Virtual Anonymous Card in value of $100 to $900 with 8-9 months expiration period, for online payments anywhere, without verification, anonymous. If you need higher limits you can order more cards. Contact us if you need some.

We never ask for verification, works with any address, any nationality.

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Does it work for all countries anywhere in the world?

Yes, it works. You can enter any address.

When do you send cards?

Virtual cards are sent instantly, max. 24 hours.

Offshore debit cards delivery depends on multiple factors.

Which payment methods?

Bitcoin, for other options ask support

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