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Anonymous Cash / Financial Privacy

... because these days, someone is always watching ...

Bitcoin is anonymous. Your debit card should be too.

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency. Many people use Bitcoin to shop online anonymously and protect their financial lives from coming under scrutiny. In today's world of identity theft, banking failures, hacking and ubiquitous snooping, it is more important than ever that you anonymize your money.

The Bitcoin Debit Card is completely anonymous, with no name printed on the card. This is truly anonymous cash, whereby you can convert Bitcoin to your local fiat currency instantly and withdraw it from an ATM machine.

No ID is required to obtain the card. No credit check, hassle, paperwork or verifications. The card doesn't even come with a name printed on it. Yet, the Bitcoin Visa works at most ATM machines worldwide, in every country, and can be used for shopping anonymously online or buying goods at Point-of-Sale terminals (in stores.)

You can even send money directly to other BitPlastic users. Transfer money instantly and anonymously to your friends and family, who can then withdraw those funds at their local ATM machine.

This is the world ONLY Bitcoin Debit Card in existence today! And it is the ONLY truly anonymous debit card allowing you to withdraw anonymous cash in your local currency from ATM machines worldwide.


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Anonymous Cash